Wordpress Vs. Blogger : which is better for you?

WordPress Vs. Blogger : which is better for you?

Planning to start your own blog and confuse that which is a suitable platform for you, then you are at right place. In 2019 there are many platforms like

  • WordPress
  • Blogger(Blogspot)
  • Trimble
  • Joomla
  • etc

But the most common two platforms is Blogger and WordPress. But which one is better? which is right for you? WordPress or blogger. If you have that confusion that you are at the right place.

In this article, we will discuss the feature of WordPress and blogger. So without wasting time let’s jump into the main topic.


First of all, before jumping into the WordPress or blogger I want to tell you that WordPress has two different platforms wordpress.com and wordpress.org if you want the difference then visit here. Along with WordPress, there is a difference between blogger and Blogspot.

**Note: In this are we will discuss the self-hosted WordPress, not the hosted from WordPress itself.

Blogger is the free service provided by Google in the subdomain name of .blogspot.com,

for example, suppose if you want to create the website name knowtoglobal then your URL is knowtoglobal.blogspot.com but blogger has given the options to put your own custom domain name which you have to buy.

Now let’s talk about WordPress, it is open source software. If you want to want you full control on your website then you have to go with a self-hosted website(web hosting and domain name you have to buy). But if you want to only try the WordPress then you can try the WordPress itself at free of cost with the subdomain of wordpress.com,

for example, if you want website name knowtoblobal your URL is knowtoglobal.wordpress.com, in this as same as the bloggers WordPress has also had the facility to put your custom URL on it.


If you talk about the security then it is very clear that Blogspot is better about this, because it is hosted on the google server and under the google security.

Wordpress Vs. Blogger

But it doesn’t mean that the security of WordPress is nothing. Security of WordPress is are good Since the security is depending upon the owners of the website that how they are handling it and which server they have hosted.


Design is very important for the website if you want to give your readers a good experience, want them to come back to your blog/website.

Wordpress Vs. Blogger
WordPress Vs. Blogger

Blogger has a very limited theme and no plugin available inside it but if you walk about WordPress then you can professionally design your website according to your requirements.

There are many free themes and plugins available to design your website. You can also purchase a paid theme from third parties and can apply to your website.

So in case of design WordPress is on top.


WordPress has many SEO plugins like SEO Yoast, All in one SEO which helps us to do the SEO of the website and to rank on the google and other search engines.

Wordpress Vs. Blogger : which is better for you?

But if we talk about bloggers then there is nothing like the plugin, there you only have to do the SEO by your own(like writing meta description or title tag)to rank on google.


Both blogger and WordPress has a simple and useful interface which is easy to understand.

Blogspot has a very simple layout which was provided by Google for the bloggers.

WordPress also has the simple layout as that is bloggers but it has some advanced features than that of Blogspot.


Since blogger is hosted on google server and there on nothing to do more customize on it, you don’t have to worry about the speed on it.

Wordpress Vs. Blogger

But in WordPress, you have to take care of speed. If you use more plugin, unnecessary customize, using huge javascript/CSS, huge large size images or use free hosting then this will surely decrease the speed of your website which will impact on your SEO score.

Google Adsense Approval

Many people starting there blog only to earn money from it without having the fashion of it. For those people, they have confusion that at which platform will google absence get approval. For them, this point is very important.

So lets come to point, Google Adsense approval doesn’t depend on the platform you are using. They want the quality content and the ads friendly design on a particular website.

Wordpress Vs. Blogger

If you show the seriousness toward you blogging then you don’t have to worry about the Google Adsense, you will get surely get approval on your website. There are also multiple ways to earn money in blogging without Google Adsense.


If you want to do serious blogging then should go with WordPress. But if you are the fresh one who just wants to try about the blogging then google blogger is the best option for you.

If you have some budget but confuse about which hosting should you choose then click here.



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