what is web browser and working

What Is Web Browser And How It Work ?

Web browser plays the most important role on the internet. With the web browser, it is easy to access the internet and do the browsing. But do you know, what is web Browser? How does web browser work? So let’s talk about it.

What is a web Browser?

A web browser is a software which is used to access the websites and the internet. Each web browser page has image, videos and the post which is an access in the browsers through the URL. If we want to say it simply then,

“ the web browser is the software which is used to access web server to display the web page”

Most probably you are reading these articles through your web browser.  There are many types of web browsers such as google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, etc.

Common Features

If you are using the web browsers then they have numbers of common features which you will able to know below.

  1. To install extensions and customize them.
  2. Use private mode browsing(According to me which is very useful).
  3. To bookmark your favorite links(URL).
  4. To sync your browsing of the webpage.
  5. Restart your downloads after pausing it.

Advanced Features

Some of the most popular browsers like google chrome, Opera and Mozilla Firefox have some advanced feature which you can use.

  1. Use multiple tabs at or pages at the same time of browsing.
  2. Do refresh or reload at any page you want during browsing.
  3. Button to go into homepage while browsing directly.
  4. To merge the search bar with the address bar.
  5. Use a VPN in the browser itself.
  6. To Zoom in and zoom out at the same time on the web page.
  7. Create the shortcuts for the particular link.
  8. To block cookies of any websites.
  9. Save passwords during login.
  10. To Restore the previous session(useful when the power goes).

There are many browsers know as Niche browsers which have some differences which can use at low capable devices.

  1. Text only browsers(benefit for slow internet speed connections).
  2. Use of vision impairment (also know as visual impairments).

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Structure of web browser

What Is Web Browser And Its Working

User Interface: Space between users and web browsers. Such as URL inputs, keywords input, refresh, etc.

Browser Engine: code that communicates users interface with rendering engine. It is responsible for asking and manipulating in the rendering engine according to the inputs from the users.

Rendering Engine – Responsible to show display on web browsers. It uses HTML tags to display the results.

Networking–  codes are written in the browsers, that helps to send various network calls. an example is sending the HTTP or https requests to the web server.

JavaScript Interpreter– It is the java code written in the browsers to present the web page.

UI Backend –It draws the widgets on the browser like windows, combo, etc.

Data Storage– It is the databases on the pc or mobiles where the browser is installed. It stores various files like cache, cookies, etc.

When the user gives the command to the browsers about the specific URL, the browser contacts the specific nameserver(where the URL is focused). After being contact and receive the files the browsers display on web page. Basically, it works on clients who send and revive the data to servers.

Working of Web browser

What Is Web Browser And Its Working

  1. Connect to DNS: When the user enters the specific URL in the search bar and click the enter button the browser connect to DNS servers.

The DNS servers have stored IP address for the particular domain. I main work is to take the domain name form the browsers and return their IP address.

2. Connect to server: After taking the IP address from the DNS of the specific URL, the browser sends a request to the server associated with that IP for the requested files. Consider the following example of URL


when this request is sent to the browser, it divided it into three parts.

  • Firstly is HTTP or https request between browser and server.
  • The second part is a translation, It is translated by DNS servers with the given IP address.
  • The third part is a technology, that addresses the particular file located in the folder.

3. Rendering – The process in which the web browsers takes the data from server and display on the web page. I work in the following five steps.

  • Loading HTML When the browser contacts the web page to display, then the HTML tags, as well as other resources (like images, pdf, files, etc) worked in the HTML tags, are loaded.
  • Parsing – An HTML codes Parser and starts interpreting in the HTML files and start building the content.
  • Apply Styles – Browsers display web pages which have CSS files. CSS works to build web pages like color, style, the height of the web pages, etc.
  • Frames Layout– In this make the layout of the web page, how the web page will look like.
  • Frames Painting– After all the above process, the last thing was to do the color of a web page which should do like.

Errors in web browsers during browsing

If you are using the browsers then you may have noticed sometimes an error occurs in the web pages. So let’s talk about some common errors.

  1. Error 500: It is also called an internal server error. It occurs when the web server has some internal error.
  2.  404 Not Found – It occurs when browser found the URL that you have enters in the browser URL search field.
  3. 401 Unauthorized: IT occurs when the login user or password enters in incorrect.
  4. 400  Error: It occurs because the server you are accessing telling that, the browser you are accessing is incorrect or something goes wrong on the way(corrupted).
  5. 403 Forbidden –It occurs when you have enters the wrong password and your server can’t verify it.

I hope that you have understood that what is Web Browser And It’s Working. If you have any questions related to the web browser, then feel free to comment below.

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