What is IIT ?


The Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) is the institutes for higher education(scientists, engineers, and technologists) in India. They also know as the Institution Of The Nation by the govt on the act of  Institutes of technology(1961). The Institutes of Technology Act, 1961 lists twenty-three institutes were established. The first IIT institute was set up in Kharagpur in … Read moreWhat is IIT ?

What Is Web Browser And How It Work ?

what is web browser and working

Web browser plays the most important role on the internet. With the web browser, it is easy to access the internet and do the browsing. But do you know, what is web Browser? How does web browser work? So let’s talk about it. What is a web Browser? A web browser is a software which … Read moreWhat Is Web Browser And How It Work ?

Book Train Ticket Online


How to book train tickets online? This question arises many times and everyone wants to book online train tickets (Indian Railway). This is because we all know that standing in train stations in not such an easy task, especially in summer. First of all, before starting to book online I want to tell you that, … Read moreBook Train Ticket Online

Electromagnetic Induction

Electromagnetic induction

Electromagnetic Induction is the phenomenon of production of induced emf due to change in magnetic flux linked with closed circuit. The word Electomagnetic induction means inducting electicity by magnetism. The phenomenon is the basis of the working of power generators, transformers, etc. In 1831, Michael Faraday in England and Joseph Henery in the USA discorved … Read moreElectromagnetic Induction

Best Hosting Providers For Beginners


There a many hosting companies today, but for beginners, there is very difficult to choose the best hosting companies and the best plane so today I am here to tell you about the best 5 hosting companies for you If you start a blog/website. Before we start about hosting plans I will suggest you to … Read moreBest Hosting Providers For Beginners

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