internet of things (IoT)

What is Internet of Things(IoT)? Simple Explanation

If you are those of the readers who don’t know anything about the internet of things (IoT), then you are at the right place for IoT. I will try to explain to you the internet of things (IoT) in a very easy language.

Internet of Things is the interconnection of the network devices. They share data with each other. This technology can be anything like mobile, computers, tablets, google chrome cast, smart security camera and many more.

Internet of thing was developed to merge the devices whose have internet facilities. We can also say about this is that it is evolved due to the convergence of multiple technologies, machine learning, embedded systems, real-time analytics, and commodity sensors.

If you talk about 2019 then, IoT is developing. Let talk father talk about IoT. IoT plays a very major part of our day to day life.

Now lets some example so that you furthermore understand about it.

Suppose you are outside of your house for some reasons and left your house smart window open, smart door open and you have some more smart device at your home. The smart devices are connected with each other through the wifi or another network. After they recognize that there is no one in your house through there interaction, they will automatically close your door and window and then the message will be sent to your house that your house was now locked.

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