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How to update Google Chrome In Your Android and PC

There are many web Browsers which use every day in your daily use. But if we talk about google chrome that it is the most used web browser in his field. If we want to know how the web browsers are working then click here. With the web browser, we can access nearly anything as we want through the internet. Here we will let you know how to update google chrome in your pc and will as in your android smartphones.

Should we update web browsers(google chrome)

The various companies are releasing their update to their web browsers. There is no specific time for releasing the update to their software. Now our main point is that should we update web browsers?

If we talk about directly to the answer then it is yes. The main reason for the updating software(it can be any software including browsers) is because of the following things

  • security update
  • new features
  • compatible with system versions
  • safe browsing
  • new design
  • speed improvements

The feature that is mention above depends upon the different companies web browsers that how and what update they should give to their users.

Now without killing any more time let’s jump to our main point that how to update Google Chrome. Before starting I want to tell you that in this article we will only discuss for the Android and for the computer. So lets that our the main topic.

Update Google Chrome in android device.

STEP#1 First of all, you have to open your google play store.

STEP#2 After opening the play store you have to click on the three dots that are mentioned at the upper left side of the screen.

Update Google Chrome in android device

STEP#3 Click on my apps & games. This is listed at the first options only(you don’t need to worry about finding it).

Update Google Chrome in android device

STEP#4 After clicking on my apps & games you will sell the list of apps that updates are available for your device.

STEP#5 Slide down(if you doesn’t see google chrome at first list) and search for google chrome. After searching the google chrome app on play store click on it.

Update Google Chrome in android device

STEP#6 You will see two options(if the update is available). The first option uninstall and the second option update.

STEP#7 you have to simply click on the update and your update will start downloading. After the downloading is over it will start the installing update automatically.

You can follow the above process in any of the apps that are installed in your devices.

Update Google Chrome in computer

Updating the browsers in pc is easier than that of other devices. Now let’s see how you can update your google chrome in your pc.

STEP#1 Open google chrome.

STEP#2 Click on the three dots on the right upper side of the chrome.

STEP#3 After clicking on the three dots you will see the list which is shown below.

Update Google Chrome in computer

STEP#4 At that list click on help. After clicking on the help you have to click on About google chrome.

STEP#5 After clicking on About google chrome you will see the page that shown below.

how to update google chrome

STEP#6  Here in our pc we had updated google chrome before. If a new version is available it will automatically start to download the update when you click on About google chrome.

STEP#7 After downloading the chrome update you will ask to relaunch the chrome to apply the update.

Note: your downloading speed depends on the internet speed.

If you having any question regarding the update then feel free to ask in the comment section.

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