How To Add Table In WordPress website

How To Add Table In WordPress website

WordPress is one easiest source for making a beautiful and powerful website. We can put design as we want on our post. One of them is the add table. It helps to give the audience the easiest way to understand your post or content.

In this article will learn how to Add Table In WordPress website through a plugin which is I think is the easiest way to do it. If you also want to add glossary page to your website then read it.

Before going further I wanted to tell you that we can also make the tables for your post on WordPress through the HTML codes. But you don’t need to worry about this.

Why go with TablePress plugin

We will use the plugin TablePress to insert the table in your WordPress website. It is because of the following ways

Easy to configure

Free plugin

No coding needed.

Extra customization

Advanced feature

Go to your WordPress dashboard and then go the plugin. After going in the plugin section click on add new

Dashboard->plugins->Add new

After clicking on the add new, search the plugin name called TablePress in the search box. you will have to install and then activate it. Yours have successfully installed the plugin.


After the activating the plugin you will redirect to the Tablepress dashboard. Click on Add new. After clicking on Add new you will see the dashboard shown below.

How To Add Table In WordPress website

On it, you have to enter the name of the table for which you have to create. I advise you to name the table as your post name so that you can easily search it as edit it in future(if required). If you want to give a description of the table you are creating the give it(this is an option you can ignore it as you want).

Then you have to select the number of rows and number of columns you want to create. You don’t have to worry about the no. of rows and columns because you can edit it in the further press. After that click on Add table.

After clicking on Add table you will see the WordPress dashboard like shown below. In this, you will see that the no. of rows and columns you have chosen are successfully created.

How To Add Table In WordPress website

Now the only thing you have to do is writing on the table. As discussed above, now you can add or subtract the able as your requirement. You will also see many new advanced features that you can use for creating the table.

After writing on the table you have to save it. To save your table click on save changes. Now you will get a table Shortcode which helps you to create the table. You have only to do it past the Shortcode that provided by TablePress where you want to create a table on your post.

You have successfully created your table for your post through Tablepress. Now you can create as many tables as you want for your post.

I hope that I have successfully taught you how to Add Table In WordPress website. If you have any queries regarding adding a table on WordPress then you can feel free for asking in the comment section.

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