Health Sense PS 126 Personal Scale

Health Sense PS 126 Personal Scale Review


Health Sense PS 126 personal scale Review –  Health Sense PS 126 Ultra-Lite personal is the weight scale by Health Sence. I am reviewing the Health Sense PS 126 scale after 1 month of usage. So in this section, we will talk to you about the sections given below.

Health Sense PS 126 Description

  • It has used Precision G-Sensors with a manufacturing tolerance of +/-300g gave you the accurate reading results.
  • It has LCD large display which is large enough to understand.
  • When the battery became low it indicates as Error on display.
  • It has a weight range of 5kg to 180kg. Which is according to me is large enough to read it.
  • One year of manufacture warranty on the scale with customer support.
  • Auto power ON/OF technology.
  • Weight scale has weight approx 1.05kg with battery.
  • It has Skid Proof and  Custom Built Feet material.
  • Weight scale has 310 x 310 x 330 mm dimension.
  • LCD display size is 75 x 34 mm.
  • The material used is ABS plastic.

Healthsense PS 126 slim


The Healthsense PS 126 Ultra-Lite Personal Scale will be available on Amazon, Flipkart as well as in the Health Sence official website. You can purchase it from anywhere as you want.

This will cost you at RS 1,399. In the book the content you will provide are

  1. One user manual.
  2. Warranty card.
  3. Double AAA size battery.
  4. P-125 weight scale.

Now let we discuss some pros and cons of Health Sence P 126.

Healthsense PS 126 slim weight machine


  • Since it is based on the G-sensor technology it may not accurate reading on first time, it is because if you have displaced it then you have to measure the second time to get accurate results.
  • Sometime it will not give you an accurate reading. When you measure your wright today and just tomorrow you will note the difference of 2kg- 4kg. 
  • Minimum weight should be 5kg and maximum is 180kg. According to me, the maximum weight is quite enough. But minimum weight is 5kg which I thought is quite a bit larger. The minimum weight should by 2kg, but that’s not much problem.

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  • It is simple and easy to understand. Good quality of material used.
  • The best thing about this weight scale is its weight. And because of which you can use to carry anywhere. It has a weight of approx 1.05kg which make it lightweight.
  • Long lasting battery. According to the company if you will measure 3 times a day, then the battery will long last of one year.
  • Weight range is good according to me i.e, kg to 150kg.
  • Compact size.


If you have the budget of Rs 1,000 to Rs 1,500 then Healthsense PS 126 Ultra-Lite is a very good option for you. Especially for those people how wanted to carry it everywhere as they go. Again if you are the health conscious person who is very serious about your health then it is ok options for you.

But if you have a budget of Rs 1,500 to Rs 2,000 and you are very serious about your health then Mi Smart scale is better options for you. The Mi scale will cost you at Rs 1,999 which you can buy from Amazon, Flipkart or from Mi store. 




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