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Free web hosting vs Paid web Hosting – which is better for you and why?

Thinking about buying web hosting and confused which hosting to buy Free vs Paid hosting? Then you are at right place. First of all, you don’t need to worry about this thing, because you are not a single person who has this doubt.

Many people who want to start their website or blogging have mainly this type of doubts. Now you don’t need to worry about anything because in this section I will going to clear your doubt. First, let’s see some of the common things.

What is Web hosting?

If you have confusion that what is web hosting? then don’t worry. I will explain to you this is a very easy and simple language. Web hosting is the space where you keeps your files and folders. You can get it simple from here.

Do we really need Web hosting?

If we talk about the direct answer then in some cases Yes and in some cases No. So let’s talk about why Yes. If you want to make your website according to you and want to customize as was you want then buy a web hosting is a very good option for you.

But if you don’t know any coding and you simply want to try about blogging then you have the right choice of it. There are many websites which provide you this facility like,, If you want to know the difference between WordPress and blogger click.

Free Web Hosting vs Paid Web Hosting

Before going into deeper about the topic Free web hosting vs Paid web hosting I want you to see the table so that you can quickly get the idea of the topic.

Features Free Hosting Paid Hosting
Unlimited Space x
Unlimited Bandwidth x
Uptime Guarantee x
Good website speed x
Security Guarantee x
Website Backup x
Customer support x

Now let discuss the topic deeply so that you can get the idea that which hosting you have to choose.


All the service that are provided above as the main reasons which you should think before buying a Free web hosting. One main reason why you should avoid free hosting is their prices.

Actually, if you to their website and start your blogging after 6 months or 1 year they will charge from you unnecessarily. This because of their backup options. Since they are not giving any backup or website transfer option and they know that because of that will you lose the hard work that you have given. And if you try to call their customer services to the website transfer they will charge you huge money of it.

One thing you should take you to mind that I am not telling you that all the free hosting provider’s companies are a fraud. The platform like blogger, they will provide you better service at free of cost.

But if you talk about good paid web hosting then you don’t have to worry about all these things. You can do it simply without taking the help of others.

Customer service

If you are running your website or blog then you know how much customer services is important.  For beginners, I will recommend you to go with paid hosting. It is because if you have any problem than in paid web hosting support team will help you to resolve that problem. This service is available 24×7.

free vs paid hosting

But in free hosting nothing like that. They will not help you to resolve your problem, You have to do it by yourself.


If you look in free hosting websites then you will see that they are promising 99.9% uptime. But this is not true. Your website will down anytime depending upon your package and your website traffic. And because of no customer support you get any help from their side.

free vs paid hosting

But it paid hosting they are actually giving 99.99% uptime with full customer support. In case your website is not loading or goes down at any time will freely call for their support and they will help you regarding that.

Loading Speed

Website speed is one of the most important factors in SEO is in Google ranking. With the loading speed, you can easily rank your website in search engines.

internet speed test 150x150 - Free web hosting vs Paid web Hosting - which is better for you and why?

In free web hosting the loading speed is not that great. It might lake more that is 10-15 seconds to open a single page of your website. Which is very bad for SEO. And your post will never rank in a good position of search engines because of search engines like fast loading website not slow website.

But you will talk about paid web hosting that will feel free about this topic. If you purchase your web hosting from good hosting providers like Siteground or Bluehost your website will load very quickly and helps you to rank on Search engines.


Along with speed, your website design is also very important to give your user a good reading experience. The time your user will spend on your website, better ranking you will get.

ResizerImage960X540 150x150 - Free web hosting vs Paid web Hosting - which is better for you and why?

In free web hosting, there are very limited resources to design your website. The theme they are provided are not SEO friendly as well as not user-friendly.

In paid hosting, you can easily design your website like professional looking and along with light speed loading. You can customize your website design as per your wise. You can also hire the provencal to design your website.


Now let’s talk about the most important point i.e, control. In paid hosting, you have full control of your website, Whether we talk about the security(if we customize theme our own),  design, performance and many more.

free vs paid hosting

Buy in free hosting case you will get nothing like that. You have to depend upon in a very limited resource that they are provided. One of the main disadvantage of free hosting that you can not add any extra things( that available free) to your website. I felt that at least they should provide this type of features so that users can get more control over it.


You have heard that free hosting providers are providing you unlimited space along with unlimited bandwidth. But this is not true.  They are only using this for customers attraction towards them. They will give a very limited space with the name of unlimited. So you to be very careful about this.

But if talk about this than nothing like that. It is because they are providing you the different packages at different prices so that you can choose according to your need. If you are planning to buy a paid package of hosting then you should always buy unlimited bandwidth package.


If you have some budget and you are serious about blogging then you should purchase a paid hosting plane.  If you will purchase free hosting then you are going to face difficult problems. Problems like website down, slow speed, no customer support and many more that are discussed above in the topic.

But if you just want to try and have it as fun then you can go for it. Before doing hard work on it you should go with paid hosting so that your hard work should not go into the water.

Note: If you are planning for free hosting then I will give you the advice to go with blogger instead of free hosting.


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