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Data security and 3 ways to protect data

Data security refers to protecting data from unauthorized access to computers, databases, and websites. It also helps data protect from corruption, cyberattack, etc.

Data security is applied to anything like a website, personal computer, etc. It is very important for the IT companies and the army to keep their private information secure.

Data security is also very important for the health industry, so health advocates and medical practitioners in the country like India, the U.S., and other countries are working to implementing the electronic medical record (EMR) privacy by creating awareness about patient rights related record to the release of data to laboratories, physicians, hospitals and other medical facilities.

Now let us discuss the ways to protect the data.

3 ways  to protect data


You should always have a hard disk(SSD or HDD). It is very helpful when you have a malware attack on your pc. But if you are the traveler then google drive is the best option for you.

You should always do the backup of your personal data every week. You can also use a pen drive for this purpose also(for small scale).

Data Masking

It is the obscuring (masking) specific data within a database table to ensure that the security of sensitive information is maintained.

Example of data masking: Customer care representative of the banking is able to see only the last four digit of your ATM card number.

Erase data

All you are familiar with this process. In this process, the data is completely destroyed by overwriting the previous data. It is a very useful method when you sell your pc or mobile to someone else.

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