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Asus Can Stop their ZenFone Brand In India

ASUS smartphones company can stop its manufacture Zenfone series in India in the future due to Telecare Network. It seems that Asus has to close its Zenfone smartphone lineup or has to rebrand it for the Indian market.

According to Telecare Network, their trademark name “ZEN” and “ZEN MOBILE” that they are using since 2008, Now ASUS smartphone company which is working since 2014(after 6 years from Telecom Network) in India market is taking their identical name for the smartphone. This can reduce the market of TElecare Network because both the brands almost have similar specs at a similar price.

After the case introduced in Delhi court, On May 28, 2019, the court has taken the final decision in favor of Telecare Network.

From July 23, 2019, ASUS has been Prohibited from selling their smartphone under the name of “ZEN” or “ZENFONE” in the Indian market. Asus also has to stop its sales, advertisements, offers.

ASUS has last chance on 10, July 2019 to protect their Zenfone brand.

source: Brand buch

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